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Miriam van den Berg (she/her)

Miriam MTT.jpg


Hi! I just graduated from the Bachelor Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University, and am now doing the Conflict Studies Master's program at Utrecht University. I joined SCAJ because I wanted to be part of an initiative where knowledge is made accessible to everyone. It is important to me that students can learn from and with each other and feel valued for the work that they have done and the effort they put into creating the finished product, whatever that may be. 

During my time at SCAJ I have been lucky enough to take on many roles, including being part of the internal communication, design, and Fieldnotes teams, and being the managing editor. I am so excited to now get to fulfil the position of editor-in-chief. As editor-in-chief I oversee the core team and the work that we do at SCAJ, and ensure that we stay on track with our publications!

My interests within anthropology are diverse and I am passionate about (too) many things. I have researched intercultural understanding for my bachelor thesis and am passionate about this topic within anthropology. Additionally, I am mainly interested in ethics and conflict (hence the choice to do the Conflict Studies Master).

Pablo Bernardo López Basurco (he/him)

Pablo MTT

Managing editor

I am currently in my third year of the Liberal Arts & Sciences BA at University College Utrecht, majoring in Anthropology and International Relations. I decided to join SCAJ as I felt that anthropology has more to offer than what we can acquire from our university courses, and it feels like an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded students from whom I’ll be able to learn a lot! 


My role within SCAJ is focused on external communications. I arrange promotional talks to help other students know about what we do, look out for different sponsors and means of financing, and establish direct contact with similar organizations from other universities. This year I will also be the managing editor, supporting the EiC and keeping a thorough overview of all our publication process, providing assistance and support whenever necessary. 


My areas of interest in the field of anthropology have not truly been defined yet, but I am mostly keen on material culture, migration, and art! I am also very interested in using anthropology as a tool to improve and sustain Spain - Latin America sociocultural and international relations.

Sunil Raj (he/him)


External affairs

I did my Bachelor’s in Sociology, Biology, English Literature, at the University of Toronto.  I then moved to South Korea where I taught ESL for 3.5 years.  Wanting to further myself academically, I initially joined UU in 2018 for the SCIM master’s, and my fieldwork was centered around community healthcare in southern India.  Unfortunately I fell ill before I could finish and had to go home to Canada for treatment.  Now I am back and am researching neighborhood sites of citizen empowerment in Rotterdam-West.


I joined SCAJ because of my passion for writing, and because I feel that there is a space in between purely academic and recreational readership, which SCAJ helps to fill, while also giving students a chance for professional growth.


My areas of interest are essentially new forms of citizenship that arise as a result of globalization and weakening civic bonds, in whatever forms they might take.  I am also interested in the connection between the social and natural sciences. 


My role is to help communicate SCAJ’s ideas to potential contributors and funders. 

Stan Zilver (she/her)


External affairs | Fieldnotes

I am a fourth year student of the Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology Bachelor at Utrecht University. I joined SCAJ because I wanted to be part of this unique and promising initiative, broaden my skills and meet more anthropology enthusiasts. I think it is extremely valuable for students to be able to share their work and read what others are doing. It expands our knowledge and gives all our hard academic work an extra purpose. 


My main task at SCAJ this year is finances and funding. In addition I am working on Fieldnotes, reading and reviewing everything sent in, and discussing it with the Fieldnotes team. 


My interests within anthropology are ever changing and endless, but this year I am mainly focussing on language, literary studies and journalism.

Jonna Spek (she/her)

Jonna MTT

Internal communications

Hi! After finishing my Cultural Anthropology bachelor's last year at Utrecht University, I am starting the master Youth Development and Social Change this upcoming year. I decided to become a part of SCAJ because I really like that it creates a platform for students to share their work that otherwise wouldn’t be seen.  Furthermore, the fact that SCAJ is a student-led journal also attracts me. I enjoy meeting more anthropology students.  


At SCAJ I am responsible for the  internal communications and I mainly focus on the organization of the review process. That entails sending emails to reviewers and authors among other things. I make sure that everything is prepared for the reviewers. 


Within anthropology I am interested in a lot of subjects but gender interests me the most which is why I have done the Gender Studies minor. Specifically I am interested in sexuality and sex education after doing a project about it. Besides this I am also interested in youth culture, migration, and integration.

Sophie Albert (she/her)


Internal communications | (Web) Design

Hi! I am following the Pre-Master’s programme Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship at Utrecht University. Before this, I studied Songwriting in both London and Brighton. Coming from a small village in the south of the Netherlands, moving to the UK, and especially London, is what got me interested in people and their different cultures. 


I have always been a big fan of reading and writing, and since starting the Pre-Master’s programme, I have really enjoyed learning more about anthropological writing. As a part of SCAJ’s team, I am eager to keep learning more about writing in anthropology and the publication process, as well as being a part of an initiative that empowers students to share their work.


My main interests within anthropology are sociolinguistics, socio-political movements, and gender studies.

Kirsten den Boestert (she/her)

Kirsten MTT

Core reviewer | Social media manager

Hi! I’am a third year Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology student and I’m currently taking a gap year from anthropology and  following a minor in conflict studies and Arabic. Last year I was a reviewer for SCAJ and experienced through this work the importance of discussing and sharing your work as a student. For this specific reason I wanted to become part of this initiative and hope to show fellow students the benefits from sharing your work, reading essays from other students and discussing the topics. I would love to meet more anthropology students and exchange our knowledge and views. 


At SCAJ I’m a core reviewer and part of the social media team. I’m excited to be hosting review meetings and discussing all the feedback with fellow students. As a social media manager I’ll keep all the social media up to date and hope to ignite my creative/ artsy side. 


Within anthropology I am interested in many things, but in specific; conflicts with the focus on politics and materialism. 

Chiara Lampis Temmink (she/her)

Chiara MTT

Core reviewer | Fieldnotes

Hi! I am a master student at Utrecht University, studying Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship. I love this program and joined SCAJ because I want to become more involved in the anthropology community at Utrecht University, to learn from and be inspired by my peers.


At SCAJ I’m a core reviewer, so I host meetings with reviewers in which we discuss submissions and give feedback on them. I am also part of the Fieldnotes team, in which we review short articles for the website.


My interests within anthropology lie around sustainability and environmental topics, and through the SCIM master I have also become very interested in non-human/more-than-human anthropology.

Rosina Lui (she/her)

Rosina MTT_edited.jpg

Core reviewer

I am due to graduate in December 2023 at University College Utrecht with my majors in Anthropology, Art History, and Museum Studies. Although the themes covered by my tracks are topical and intriguing, I yearn for the discussions and exchanges on Anthropology that we can have with each other even outside of a classroom context. I learnt about SCAJ during one of my random Facebook scrolls, and it seemed to offer an open environment where students can link their academic interests to current occurrences, while making academic publishing much more accessible for budding anthropological researchers too. Therefore, I was eager to join and develop this initiative with my background in visual arts and eagerness to read various viewpoints.


As a core reviewer and member of the design team, I participate in review sessions and give feedback on the textual submissions. I also assist with designing publications and any aesthetic needs. 


My interests in anthropology are fluid and shift from time to  time, and currently they are any notions relevant to “otherness”, such as topics at the intersection of gender and sexuality, politics, and cultural adaptations.

Annelinde Junte (she/her)

SCAJ - Website photo Annelinde.jpg

Core reviewer

Hi! I am a third year Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology Student at Utrecht University. I am currently taking a lot of non-Anthropology courses, and this made me realize that I love anthropology. Through SCAJ, I can be more involved with anthropology students and read more anthropology papers. I think SCAJ is a beautiful platform for students to make their papers be more appreciated. As students, we can write beautiful and very important papers that should not only be read by teachers. SCAJ ensures that our work can be read by the world.


I am a core reviewer for SCAJ. This means that I host meetings with other reviewers to discuss and assess the submitted papers.


My personal interest with anthropology is mainly focused on conflict, power, and politics. However, anthropology can make almost anything interesting.

Marilyn Franken (she/her)


Design | Web manager

I have just graduated from the Bachelor Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Utrecht University in the summer of 2023, with both a minor in Youth Studies and Conflict Studies. I am currently in my gap year pursuing personal goals and professional skills, after which I want to do a master's degree in the field of humanitarian action. After being part of the selection committee twice, I decided to join the core team of SCAJ because I really support the idea of an inclusive platform where we can all learn from each other by making knowledge accessible for everyone. Besides, SCAJ offers multiple opportunities for personal growth and academic skills to develop. 


As a member of the core team, I guide the design processes of the journals and I am the web manager of SCAJ’s website. 


My personal interests within anthropology are mainly focused on the topics of (violent) conflict, youth and humanitarian action, but also on topics related to gender, power and identity.  

Katinka Koselka (she/her)

Katinka MTT

Event manager | Fieldnotes

This year I begin my third year of the Bachelor of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Utrecht University.  After my Erasmus exchange past semester I realized I wanted to do more with anthropology. More importantly, I wanted to be part of a practical matter in the field of anthropology. Which is why I joined SCAJ, a platform where I can help make students feel relevant and guide their work  to reach beyond the eyes of a professor.


At SCAJ I am part of the Fieldnotes team and fulfill the role of event manager. As event manager I organize our publication events of the journal, plus the extra events apart from the journal. As Fieldnotes reviewer I review with my team members the short articles which will be uploaded on our website.


My personal interests within anthropology are not definite yet (if they ever will be). Though, at the time of writing I am most interested in domains as international relations, politics, visual anthropology, but also theories as postmodernism/poststructuralism, (post-)colonialism and constructivism.

Sanne Leenders (she/her)

Sanne MTT

Advisory board | Trust contact

I graduated from the Bachelor Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, with a minor in Public Administration and Organizational Science, at Utrecht University in the summer of 2022. During my bachelor's, I was involved in various foundations, studied abroad for a semester at the University of Sydney in Australia and wrote my thesis based on fieldwork in Ontario, Canada. As of this year, I have begun what I expect will be my final year of study, with the Master's program Culture, Organization and Management at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 


I joined SCAJ in my second academic year because I truly believe it is a great initiative. As we are still a relatively new foundation, I really enjoy being involved in our development and seeing our platform grow constantly. 


During the first edition I took on a role as a reviewer. The next few editions I fulfilled the role of commissioner of communications within the core team of SCAJ, being involved in both internal and external communications. After this, I took on the role of managing editor, keeping an overview of our progress and the eventual publication of the journal. After having taken up these roles over the past few years, I currently hold a position on the advisory board and can be approached as a trust contact. 


My personal interests within anthropology are broad but mainly focus on corporate anthropology,  identity, (post-)colonialism and  gender. 

Tamar Oderwald (she/her)


Advisory board | Trust contact

With a bachelor in Cultural Anthropology (UU) and a master in Visual Anthropology (UvA), my student days have come to an end. I’ve noticed, however, that student well-being and development are topics close to my heart, which is why I haven’t strayed far. I currently work at the International Office of Utrecht University, aiding students who want to or are going to study abroad during their program.


I’ve been with SCAJ since its founding and have truly enjoyed watching this platform grow to the extent that it has. My two years as Editor-in-Chief have been the highlight of my student career and I’m delighted to stay on for just a little longer on the Advisory Board, where I guide the course of SCAJ from a bit more of a distance and provide advice on ethical or fundamental questions that arise in the process.


My anthropological research thus far has focused on material culture within migrant populations, including Indian migrants in the Netherlands, and Dutch migrants in Canada. I love working with (audio) visual media such as photography and film during my research, both to gather data and to exhibit the results.

Mélissa (Lili) Ainseba (she/her)

Lili MTT

Advisory board | Trust contact

Hi all, I’m Lili! I graduated from the Sustainable Citizenship Master’s (SCIM) in 2022 and have been slow travelling around Europe ever since, trying to keep an anthropological mindset as I go - observing, creating connections with other beings, and always questioning my place within contexts. I am now starting a study program at Lund University focusing on Climate change and Eastern European studies. 

Having been a core reviewer for SCAJ for a year and a half, I am taking a step back to join the Advisory Board. I am glad to keep being a part of SCAJ’s journey - it is not only a project that encourages creativity and sheds a deserved light on students' hard work, but also a safe space built on care, kindness and inclusivity. 

What else? I love doing yoga, sprinkling cinnamon on top of everything and volunteering in local farms. 

Former SCAJ Members
We thank the following former core team members who contributed to the realization and the growth of SCAJ. 

Former Selection Committees
We thank the following former selection committees who contributed to the realization and the growth of SCAJ. 

Volume 6 Issue 1, Spring 2024
Myrthe van den Berg, Maria Drabik, Naomi Post, Noor van Rijbroek, Merel Madelief Sandig, Luuk Siewers, Franziska Söbbing.

Volume 5 Issue 2, Fall 2023
Karlijn van den Broek, Faye Oregan de Cordes, Paweł Godziuk, Annelinde Junte, Carmen Luke, Naomi Post.

Volume 5 Issue 1, Spring 2023
Kirsten den Boestert, Faye de Cordes, Annemijn Elsenaar, Paweł Godziuk, Michał Grabarek, Carmen Lukę, Oliwią Michalska, Sara Barberà Romero. 

Volume 4 Issue 2, Fall 2022
Gema Benavides Jiménez, Kirsten den Boestert, Demi Brugel, Annemijn Elsenaar, Jantine van der Grond, Carmen Luke, Juliana Lux, Marit Otter, Elliott Seremak, Laura Slooff, Virginia Vichi-Miller. 

Volume 4 Issue 1, Spring 2022
Aviya de Bruijn, Isabel van Corven, Eva van Dijk, Annemijn Elsenaar, Sophie Hudson, Nanna Kisby, Carmen Luke, Mirthe Megens, Danja Roelofs, Max Wilbers.

Volume 3 Issue 2, Fall 2021
Melissa Ainseba, Rose Dsouza, Marilyn Franken, Carmen Luke, Gina Meimann, Malou van de Noort, Isabeau Prins, Iepke Rijcken, Danja Roelofs, Imme Roosje, Vera Visser, Max Wilbers. 

Volume 3 Issue 1, Spring 2021
Foske van den Boogaard, Mariska Bouterse, Marilyn Franken, Sam van der Lugt, Carmen Luke, Ishar Satyapal Abraham Mayor, Gina Meimann, Harry Mills, Danja Roelofs, Chandni Shyam, Mick Spaas, Inès Stamatiadis, Nienke Verbaan, Megan van der Vorst, Irem Zoodsma.

Volume 2, Fall 2020

Krista Antal, Janoël Brand, Daphné Galloux, Silke Goodijk, Isanne ten Have, Lisa Kooijman, Sam van der Lugt, Gina Meimann, Harry Mills, Inès Stamatiadis, Renate Trinks, Jelte Vegter, Rachelle Verdel, Malìn van Weerdenburg, Irem Zoodsma.

Volume 1, Fall 2019
Pam Ackermans, Tanne Appelo, Sandra Bood, Silke van Cassel, Yasser Forotan, Bart van Gils, Isanne ten Have, Dewi van der Kuip, Sanne Leenders, Myrthe Marres, Geerke Visser. 

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