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How to submit

To submit your written work for SCAJ, fill in the form below.


The submission requirements are as follows:

  1. Submissions must meet the criteria presented in our author guidelines. Read this document carefully before submitting;

  2. Your work must be uploaded in the form of a Word document;

  3. To provide an equal opportunity for all authors, we allow one submission per person per edition. If you change your mind at any time before the deadline and would prefer to submit a different piece: let us know! We will substitute your first entry with a new one.


In addition, please be aware that your motivation for submitting an assignment will be taken into consideration when our reviewers meet to discuss the submissions. If your paper is selected to be published, your motivation for submitting will appear in the journal.

Do you want to submit an anthropology-related assignment written for a non-anthropology course at UU or UCU? Send us an email! We can always evaluate whether a paper fits our author guidelines on a case-by-case basis.


Submissions for SCAJ Vol6(2) are now open!

Fill in the form below and submit your work!

Educational institution
Year of study at time of writing
Style of referencing used
Chicago Manual of Style
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