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Volume 2, Fall 2020

Emma Kroon: What kind of anthropologist do I aspire to be?

As part of the course 'Anthropology and Morality', students had to create a (m)oral narrative, using visual aids to accentuate their story and its anthropological analysis.  Emma Kroon, the student behind the video, had this to say about the process:


"The course Anthropology and Morality proved to be a big moment of self-reflection for me, which resulted in the necessary mental rollercoasters. It was difficult to get the materials out of my head after the seminars; it would lead to many discussions with my roommates over dinner or drinks. When I started thinking about the subject I wanted to talk about for my narrative, I was quickly lead to my gap year in Australia and the problematic visit in Southeast Asia. I have really enjoyed making this assignment. It was very inspiring, but also confronting, to look at this moment in my life with an anthropological gaze!"


The manuscript of this video is published in SCAJ's Fall 2020 edition.

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