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A Fieldnotes Series: "A Practical Guide to Fieldwork"

Happy new academic year! We’re glad to have you back.

We’ve been cooking up something exciting over the summer. Starting on September 27, we’ll be publishing six articles on Fieldnotes on a weekly basis, as part of the series ‘A Practical Guide to Fieldwork’. In this series, anthropologists Tamar and Miriam detail the things they wish they had known before conducting ethnographic fieldwork. In the spirit of knowledge exchange amongst students, we hope this series will provide some insights that you might not hear during your seminars.

Perhaps even more exciting, when the sixth article is published on November 1st, we’ll also release a much more extensive Ebook on the same topic. It will include the six Fieldnotes articles, as well as an additional eight chapters, extra vignettes and examples, and many more photos that we couldn’t possibly fit in the Fieldnotes articles.

So, keep an eye out! We’re excited to share our experiences with you!


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