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SCAJ symposium 16 November

On Wednesday 16 November, SCAJ is organizing a symposium, and you're invited!

The evening will consist of a panel discussions amongst SCAJ authors, who will discuss their views on writing and the anthropological discipline. After, we have invited three SCAJ-affiliated students to give a short presentation about their anthropological niche: Jelte Vegter, an organizational anthropologist, and our very own Tamar Oderwald, a soon-to-be visual anthropologist, and Sarah Salhany, education advisor.

Here are some more details about the evening:

Date Wednesday 16 November

Time 18:00-21:30 CET

Location Marinus Ruppert Building, hall Paars (Leuvenlaan 21, Utrecht)

Admission Free!

To sign up, fill out the form on our home page. You will receive an email that will serve as your ticket.

We hope to see you there!


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