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We're back!

Dear readers and writers,

As the last days of summer effortlessly flow into the familiar September chill, our minds start to beg for some academic stimulation again. New years bring with it new possibilities and fresh starts. We wish you all a great year and we hope you can enter it well-rested and refreshed.

As for us, preparations for the second edition of SCAJ are well underway! Our brand new review team is ready to tackle the exciting task of reading and evaluating their fellow students' hard work from last year. This year, we are pleased to inform you that we have a strong representation of UU and UCU students in the review teams, which will surely provide fruitful discussions and different perspectives on this edition's submissions.

Our core team is very excited to start working towards the publication of SCAJ's second edition, the date of which is set on November 16. Are you curious about the efforts of all anthropology students from the previous academic year? Then keep an eye on our website for updates and more information.

From all of us at SCAJ,

Good luck this year! We hope to see you back in November.


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