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Deadlines and vacancies

Having just published the 2022 spring edition, we are already making preparations for this year's fall edition! Please take note of these deadlines and (core team) vacancies to contribute to the upcoming publication.

June 9, 2022: Core team application deadline. We have a few vacancies to fill for our core team! Check out this page for a detailed description and apply!

July 5, 2022: Submission deadline. Have you written an assignment that you're proud of this semester? Submissions for Volume 4, Issue 2 are now open! Have a look at our author guidelines to see if your assignment meets the requirements, and submit your work here.

September 12, 2022: Reviewer registration deadline. Reviewer registrations for our fall edition are open. For a more detailed description of what you can expect, click here.

Any questions? You can reach us via email or Instagram DMs.


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