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Ebook 'Ethnographic Fieldwork: An anthropology student's toolkit'

'Ethnographic Fieldwork: An anthropology student's toolkit' is OUT NOW!

We’re so proud to bring you an entire Ebook filled with essential tips and tricks that every anthropology student should know before conducting ethnographic fieldwork. It’s based on the experiences of our very own Tamar and Miriam, who’ve written about everything they wish they had known before their fieldwork trips. With fourteen chapters in total, we’re sure this toolkit will be an essential addition to your arsenal of knowledge and skills.

Download the Ebook to learn……

  • …how to navigate the relationships with your research participants;

  • …how transcribing interviews actually works;

  • …how to stay sane and safe while doing research;

  • …how to use visual methods during your fieldwork;

  • …and much, much more!

Available now on our website. Click here.


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