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Final stages before publication

Publication-day is only one month away! A big thank you to our reviewers, who have spent the past few weeks reading, evaluating, and discussing the submissions sent in by our fellow anthropology students. Out of the diverse and intriguing pool of papers, nine were ultimately selected to be featured in our third volume. With a vast array of themes, styles, and insights, they offer a look into the minds of anthropology students today.

So what comes next? Myrthe and Miriam, heads of our design team, will tackle the layout of SCAJ Volume 3, Issue 1 - all the way from the prominent front page to the tiniest detail. They ensure that all selected papers be given their proper spotlight.

We are beyond excited for this next edition! And we hope you are, too. Exactly one month from now - on May 10th - it will be published right here on our website. In the meantime, keep an eye on our social media for updates. We hope to see you back here next month!

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